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Jonathan S. Katz
Jonathan S. Katz

Jonathan S. Katz is the Director of Customer Success & Communications at Crunchy Data, the leading provider of trusted open source PostgreSQL technology, support, and training. Jonathan is also responsible for the advocacy efforts of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, is a board member of the nonprofit United States PostgreSQL Association, and is a co-organizer of the NYC PostgreSQL User Group.

Jonathan enjoys building applications with PostgreSQL and revels in showing off all of the wonderful features of PostgreSQL. Prior to Crunchy Data, Jonathan was CTO at VenueBook, and before that, VP of Technology at Paperless Post. At both companies Jonathan developed robust platforms using PostgreSQL, taking advantage of its many features, from complex data types to its ability to stream logical changes. Jonathan graduated from Tufts University with a B.S. in Computer Science and a B.A. in Mathematics.

Magnus Hagander Magnus Hagander

Magnus Hagander is a member of the PostgreSQL Core Team and a developer and code committer in the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

Magnus is one of the original developers of the Windows port of PostgreSQL. These days, he mostly works on other parts of the PostgreSQL backend, recently with a focus on security features, monitoring and backup/replication interfaces and tools.

He is also one of the core members of the postgresql.org infrastructure team, maintaining the servers that power the project, and one of the maintainers of the postgresql.org website. He also contributes to pgAdmin and other related projects.

James Sewell James Sewell

James is the Chief Architect at Jirotech, a PostgreSQL services provider in Australia. He spends most of his time helping customers imagine, automate, tune, install, cluster and protect their PostgreSQL instances.